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This volume from Wings & Wheels Publications deals specifically with the unique Krupp Protze, a six-wheeled truck and artillery tractor used by German forces in World War II. It was powered by a 60 hp Krupp M 304 4-cylinder air cooled engine making it suited to hot and cold climates with its main purpose being to tow artillery, especially the PaK 36 as well as infantry transport and other utility uses.

The 84 page book has the usual card cover with all colour photos and the full English text and covers in detail the Protze from the Vladimir Léhar Private Collection with photos taken during the full restoration as well as of the final vehicle.

The first 8 pages are split about 50/50 text and photos with general all around shots plus the history and full technical description of the vehicle and this is followed by and series of superb close-up shots of the full exterior featuring the engine compartment, cab and rear wooden truck bed.

The interior is covered next in equal close-up detail with shots inside the cab showing the driver's controls and instrument panel as well as the seats and other details along with the insides on the rear tray showing the troop seats and other details all in extreme detail. Four pages show the engine through the open hood for nice details with all body panels in place.

The final 50 pages of the book chronicle the restoration process with extreme close-up photos of all the stripped components such as the suspension sub assemblies, the chassis as well as the wheels, engine parts and transmission that show many details not visible on the fully assembled vehicle to add a different dimension to the details shown.

From there the photos show the vehicle being gradually being re-assembled with many more excellent detail shots along the way, the shots of the fully assembled rear suspension without the tray bed in place again offers some excellent detail not usually seen.

There are 12 pages of engine/transmission shots taken without the bodywork in place that again show excellent detail for anyone wanting to really detail up resin engine set available from Plusmodel (set #PM134) designed for the Tamiya kits.

There is plenty of detailed close-up shots of just about every external feature with the coverage of the individual parts during restoration such as the suspension and engine offering suburb details not usually seen for a most detailed coverage of the Protze in terms of pure detail that you would find anywhere.

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Autor: Martin Velek, František Kořán
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Rok vydání: 2007
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