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Foto manuál pro modeláře - anglický text.
This latest title in the Wings & Wheels Photo Manual for Modellers series deals with the German WWII (and beyond) Diesel Locomotives V 36.2 and V 36.4 in Belgian Royal Army and European Private Railroad Museums.

This volume coincides with the release of the Trumpeter German WR 360 C12 Locomotive (kit #00216) of which only 10 were produced and were never used outside the borders of Germany during their lifetimes.

The book itself deals with more common WR 360 C14 built in larger numbers and used extensively during and after WWII with some still operating as late as 1974. The WR 360 C14 is similar in size and general layout externally as the earlier WR 360 C12 but had numerous internal differences. The most notable external difference is the different style of the large front radiator which in the WR 360 C12 are a series of vertical grills while the WR 360 C14 has horizontal louvers added giving the Locos a very different look.

The soft cover book has 72 pages entirely in colour apart from 4 pages with 1:72nd plans with all English text for the brief introduction and the photo captions.

The first 4 pages has a brief history of the V36/WR 360 series along with smaller overall shots of the preserved locos but there are no wartime period photos included.

The remainder of the book is devoted to superb close-up walk around type colour photos of two preserved WR 360 C14s with pages 8 to 19 covering the external details of the huge engine compartment with multiple shots from different angles showing the front radiator, side intake louvers panels, storage and engine access hatches as well as the roof detail.

Following this are 10 pages detailing the undercarriage and running gear through a series of excellent shots of not only the wheels and connecting rails but the piping, oil coolers and brake cylinders as well as shots taken from underneath the train showing details of the chassis construction.

Next comes 14 pages showing the huge diesel engine in great detail again with multiple photos from different angles of the large radiator fans, exposed cylinder heads and extensive plumbing and many hand control wheels that will provide more than enough detail for anyone wanting to scratch build the engine.

There are 10 pages covering the inside of the cabin showing the myriad of piping and numerous gauges and dials as well as driver's controls and as with the rest of the book there are numerous shots of the same detail from different angles for a very good overall perspective.

The second WR 360 C14 covered in the book is featured in the next 6 pages with general walk around shots of the exterior showing the lights, radiator and overall views of the engine with compartment doors removed.

There are then two pages with external views of the WR 360 C12 which show the main external differences between it and the WR 360 C14 and provide a few good details for those building the Trumpeter kit along with 3 pages of additional close-up engine shots.

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Kategorie: Krakatit
Hmotnost: 0.3 kg
Autor: František Kořán, Jan Martinec, Wolfgang Mauser
Cyklus: WWP
Formát: 235x245, brožovaná
Počet stran: 72
Rok vydání: 2009
Vydavatel: František Kořán RAK

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