NATO Trucks and Vehicles in detail

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Foto manuál pro modláře - anglický text.

This volume from Wings and Wheels Publications covers an often overlook aspect of military operations, that of the logistic and support vehicles with the 108 colour pages being a photo coverage of the NATO “Collective Effort 2004” Logistic Exercise.

The book is entirely in colour with a bare minimum of English text including a brief rundown on each category and the photo captions with most photos being semi-close up external views of the various vehicles from different angles that give an overall look but still included many details. A couple of the vehicles get a more detailed look with close-up details which I’ll mention as we go along with the book broken up in the following chapters.

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Kategorie: Krakatit
Hmotnost: 0.3 kg
Autor: František Kořán, Jan Horák
Cyklus: WWP
Formát: 235x245, brožovaná
Počet stran: 108
Rok vydání: 2005
Vydavatel: František Kořán RAK

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