M35A2 US 2,5-ton truck in detail

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WWP continue their record of producing excellent reference sources for the modeller with this latest title on the M35A2 Deuce in the Present Vehicle Line.

The book is entirely in colour with clear detailed photos large enough to show the details with brief captions on each.

The first eleven pages gives a brief historical rundown on the M35 series and mentions other types with photos such as the M36 and various shelter and workshop bodies added to the M35 as well as shots of two replica gun trucks from the Vietnam era.

Pages 12 to 53 has a detailed walk around of a standard cargo M35A2 with superb close-up shots of every aspect of the vehicle starting with the exterior cab details with multiple shots from different angles of most features.
The rear cargo body is treated similarly with shots of the exterior and interior showing the tilt cover framework and wooden sides.
The cab interiors is covered in detailed close-up with again multiple photos of particular features from different angles for a good overall view of things such as the instrument panel, steering wheel, controls and seats.

The engine is then shown in eight pages of close-up details which show the associated plumbing and engine bay details including the inside of the hood. The underside drive train and suspension details are also shown in great detail from and insects viewpoint with every nut and bolt shown as well as providing excellent reference with painting all the grease and oil stains.

A brief walk around of the M105 cargo trailer is followed by a eight page modelling section with a few built up gun truck models and one shown during construction with the addition of the Real Models resin engine and scratch built plastic card sides.

Following this is a brief walk around of the M41 Quad .50 trailer and turret mounted on the tray of some gun trucks and finally there are twelve large colour side profile illustration of M35A1/A2 based gun trucks from Vietnam with text descriptions to offer some inspiration for modellers.

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Kategorie: Krakatit
Hmotnost: 0.3 kg
Autor: František Kořán, Jan Moštěk
Cyklus: WWP
Formát: 235x245, brožovaná
Počet stran: 72
Rok vydání: 2005
Vydavatel: František Kořán RAK

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