M1A1A AIM Abrams in detail

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This latest volume from Wings & Wheels Publications deals specifically with the Abrams M1A1 AIM which is the program to rebuild older M1A1 tanks back to "as new" condition as well as incorporating other advanced systems used in later Abrams tanks. The AIM is used by the U.S.Army and just recently the first deliveries were made to the ADF (Australian Defence Force) but only a brief mention is made of this with the book concentrating on vehicles in U.S. Army service.

The 72 page book has the usual card cover with all colour photos and the full English text is a little more extensive than previous books in the series that gives a detailed account of the development of the Abrams MBT as well as the AIM program with the first 5 pages split about 50/50 text and general overall photos of the vehicles covered in the book.

The next 16 pages deals with the AIM during its OIF deployment with the continuation of the technical description plus numerous all around semi-close up shots of the vehicles during OIF with the most notable feature being they still retain the three colour NATO cam schemes with an adornment of personal markings such as vehicle names on the barrel fume extractors which is common on Abrams in Iraq/Afghanistan. There are also shots of the vehicles on exercise in Germany in both summer and winter snow conditions for some good overall shots.

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Rok vydání: 2007
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