Panzerwrecks 2-German Armour 1944-45

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28641 panzerwrecks 2 german armour 1944 45
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7 page feature about Panzer wrecks in Vienna, inlcudes German vehicles in Russian service
3 photos of the Sturmörser (Sturmtiger) captured near Ebendorf and now at Panzer Museum Munster
Hybrid Sturmgeschütz III modified to resemble a Jagdpanzer IV
20(!) page feature about German AFVs found in Yugoslavia, including Sd.Kfz.251/22 and all sorts of cool Panzers
A Jagdpanzer IV outfitted with a footbridge - why?
Flakpanzers: 38, Wirbelwind & Möbelwagen
Rare shot of a UE fitted with racks for firing Wurfrahmen
16 pages of wrecks in Berlin - including a unique Pz.Kpfw.I fitted with a StuK40 from a StuG!

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Kategorie: Krakatit
Hmotnost: 0.3 kg
Autor: Lee Archer, William Auerbach
Cyklus: Panzerwrecks
Formát: 280x210mm, brožovaná
Počet stran: 96

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