Capturing Clervaux - The Final Hour

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This book is about how Claude Joachim built the “Diorama Clervaux”. This is not a typical “How to” modeling guide. The diorama was not built to be the subject of a book, but the book is the direct result of the build. The reader will be able to share his trains of thought, concerns, successes and failures, by plan or by luck. In more or less chronological order he guides the reader through all the stages of the making of this historic diorama. Over the course of 144 pages and illustrated with over 600 pictures the reader will discover every aspect of diorama making. Some of the more extraordinary subjects are covered in more depth and detail. Among many other helpful tutorials he teaches how to build scale houses, a paved street, lifelike replicas of trees and other vegetation and even how to create a complete river.

Capturing Clervaux -The Final hour offers unique insights in the creation of one of the biggest 1/35 scale dioramas in the world!

Who is the author?
Claude Joachim is the creator of the award winning “Diorama Clervaux”, a lifelike replica of one of the major battles of WW2. After the publication of his first book dedicated to the construction of Clervaux Castle, Claude is now sharing the whole build in this second publication “Capturing Clervaux - the Final hour”.

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Hmotnost: 0.3 kg
Autor: Claude Joachim
Formát: 290 x 210mm, brožovaná
Počet stran: 144

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